The Make it Association is a dynamic and enthusiastic community of makers from all kinds of disciplines. Our mission is to contribute to and encourage the maker movement in Luxembourg, its surrounding regions and beyond.

Everyone can be a maker. Makers are creative builders, passionate developers and open-minded learners. Join the movement of those, who put ideas into practice, build fascinating projects and exchange with peers about their achievements.

make it #STEAM

We are promoting a creative approach to science and technology, through networking facilitators and through enabling activities targeting girls and boys, of any age, likewise. Creativity means embracing the new, the unknown, the challenging.


We are praising a thoughtful use of the resources. Our projects involve recycling and upcycling as source of innovation. Technology affects the environment. So we favor future-proof ideas.

make it #SOCIAL

We are valuing the social impact of our projects and the collaborative skillset that make our projects succeed. 

Technology affects society, so we encourage, enable, support makers to develop tech that is useful, trusted and trustworthy.