Our projects & skills

Here’s a small overview of our latest active projects we’re running. Feel free to join us and supporting the maker movement.

The FIRST Global competition is a worldwide robotics “coopetition”, where teams from the whole planet try to complete the same goal : using STEM as a planet saver. Make it represents the FIRST Global in Luxembourg and as such, we support build and Team Luxembourg to send them to these competitions. Contact us for more information!

Citizen science

Showing people everyone can participate in scientific research and data collection. With our in- and outdoor weather stations, we demonstrate how you can participate in this OpenData project.

Do you run a school class and are interested in featuring sucj a fantastic weather station? Then get in touch with us, and we’ll get you one for free! We speak a lot of languages (LU, FR, DE, UK, PT) so we can accustom to your needs!

We support makers

 Together with our partners and members, we support your makerspace and your project. Contact us for more information!  

Development & production

Our team can assist you in your development of your electric circuits and even launch a small scale production for your needs. Contact our experts for a first talk about your project and how we can assist you.