About us

The Make it Association is a dynamic and enthusiastic community of makers from all kinds of disciplines. Our mission is to contribute to and encourage the maker movement in Luxembourg, its surrounding regions and beyond.

Everyone can be a maker. Makers are creative builders, passionate developers and open-minded learners. Join the movement of those, who put ideas into practice, build fascinating projects and exchange with peers about their achievements.

empowering makers

Make it asbl supports the maker movement and everybody interested. Do you have a cool project? Do you need support or infrastructures? Then join us to get going with your ideas!

Our association is currently supporting the BEE Creative makerspaces and engages actively in creating a FIRST Global League Luxembourg (with the support of SCRIPT form the Ministry of Education)

Make it organizes the FIRST Global competition by selecting a national team. We will be hosting a challenge to find Team Luxembourg for the upcoming 2019 competition of FIRST Global. Interested? Join us!

Latest news

Researchers’ days

Make it will be present at the Researchers’ days happening at the Rockhal in Esch/Belval. With our workshop of Citizen Science, discover how you can help make research better by adding your local weather data to make everyone profit from it. Join us on the public event on December 1st from 10:30 until 18:30.

FIRST Luxembourg @ RTL

With our FIRST Luxembourg team, we were featured on RTL in a special broadcast. Listen to it here : http://radio.rtl.lu/emissiounen/reportage/2402694.html   For more information on make it FIRST teams, please email us.

3 jeunes de ‘FIRST Luxembourg’ en Chine

Du 20 au 25 juillet dernier se sont déroulés les championnats en robotique pour adolescents (WARC) à Guiyang au sud de la Chine. Supportée par l’association Make it asbl, la délégation de FIRST Luxembourg s’est présentée à ce challenge avec 3 jeunes: Lina, Pit et Shawn. Agés de 17 ans, ces jeunes ingénieurs en herbe ont préparé leur robot […]

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