We [are] were hiring…

[UPDATE: the recruitment process is closed. If you are still interested in joining our journey, feel free to apply for our team of coaches]

In the frame of our new project “Self e-STEAM”, we are recruiting 1 competent and dynamic maker:

  • You are a maker, creator, problem-solver, builder, inventor,…
  • You are motivated to stimulate other people’s creativity;
  • You know how to set up a creative workshop and how to work with a young audience;
  • You can pick up complex tasks and finish them successfully;
  • You are not worried to handle soldering irons, 3D printers or a laser cutter;
  • You can freely express yourself in at least two of the following languages: Luxembourgish, French, German, English.


Responsible for the educational programme (m/f)

Main tasks:

  • Detailed development of a pedagogical challenge
  • Promotion of the challenge in the field of formal and nonformal education
  • Supervision and expansion of our team of freelances

This opening is of a work volume of 20h/week and for a timely limited duration (“CDD”) of 1 year. We envisage to achieve a further extension of the project.

If you are interested in this opening, please send us your CV together with your motivation letter to: jobs@makeit.lu


The association Make it got founded in 2018 and is promoting the maker movement in Luxembourg, the Greater Region and beyond. With our projects we try to help as many makers as possible to find and to develop their calling.

With the MakerBuzz, we are offering pedagogical workshops for all age groups since 2019. The Makerbuzz is a mobile makerspace that was launched with the financial support of the Luxembourg National Research Fund, the “Fondation André Losch” and several additional supporters.

The MakerBuzz is the platform for our latest project called „Self e-STEAM”, that started with the support of the „Oeuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte“ in September 2021. After a successful first edition that was closed in June 2022, you will be responsible to develop and coordinate the Self eSTEAM Challenge that will have its closure around June 2023.