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In March 2022, Ms Taina Bofferding, Minister of Equality between Women and Men, signed a collaboration agreement with make it asbl. With this agreement, one of the two workshops can be booked for free by schools, “Maisons Relais” and youth houses.*

With these workshops we want to encourage girls and boys to make positive experiences and, therefore, get interested in STEAM education. We want to inspire and motivate young people to tinker, to do research and build something on their own. Girls and boys are still confronted with gender stereotypes, based on traditional roles which are conveyed in everyday life,. This is why we want to familiarize especially girls from school onwards with these subjects. With our gender balanced team of coaches, we want to be a role model for every child and empower their individual skills

*The number of free workshops is limited by the yearly budget of the ministry. Workshops will be offered for free on a “first in, first served” basis. Workshops can also be booked if you have own budgetary resources. 

Atelier 1: Rocking Robots

While working together as a team and figuring out how to build one of the “rocking robots”, the young people will learn that everyone with their individual strengths can contribute to completing a successful project in the field of STEAM. They are encouraged to accomplish various small challenges in order to build the small robot themselves and have as well the chance to decorate and pimp it. The highlight of the workshop is in the end the rock show, where all the robots will dance and “rock” to some nice groovy music. Click here for more information and for booking the workshop


Atelier 2: Pimp my Toy 

In the second workshops “Pimp my Toy” the children can turn old toys into new creations! They can use tools such as drills, hack saw and scissors to take the toys apart then use duct tape, and needle and thread to put them together again in a brand new way. Humpty Dumpty never had it so good! When kids learn how to make their own toys or inventions it leads to a shift from being a consumer of technology to a creator of technology. They become empowered! Click here for more information and for booking the workshop

More information about the agreement can be found here: