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Team Luxembourg over the years

FIRST Global #TeamLuxembourg 2019

Luxembourg Lions

  • Henri AHOLA [TechNoLogic]
  • Atreyam SHARMA [TechNoLogic]
  • Mauro QUINTAS [MLG Makerspace]
  • Quentin CHAMBON [RobotSkulls]
  • Felix GASIAUX [CoderDojo]


  • Jose-Luis SANCHEZ [TechNoLogic]
  • Shawn TEUSCH [TechNoLogic]

Results from Dubai

Rank 108 of 190 nations

Our sponsors 2019

Make it was assigned the mission to support the local schools in finding a team for Luxembourg to enroll in the FIRST Global Robotic Championships, which takes place in a different nation every year.

In Summer 2018, Make it accompanied and mentored 3 young talents at the FIRST Global China competition, the World Adolescent Robotics Championships (WARC). Check our YouTube channel below for more details on the competition.

Luxembourg Youth Robotics Challenge 2019

The competition for FIRST Global #TeamLuxembourg

LYRC 2019 is over and has been a great success. The ranking of teams can be seen on the right side. Every team fought with honor and fantastic enthusiasm! We’re looking forward to the next competition in 2020 which will take place in 

Rosport from May 16 to 17, 2020.

For more info on the LYRC, please check our webpages!