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Luxembourg's first robot battle

Make it is proud to bring robot battles to Luxembourg. As a first competition, we will organise a “Luxembourg Yells – Robot Chaos”  challenge during our Maker Faire, happening from May 18 to 19, 2024 in Rosport. (Wait! What? LYRC?! NO, this is the fun sidekick!!!)

The initial challenge will be based upon the so-called “antweight” category, meaning robots made exclusively of plastic and weighing under 150 grams.

Matches will last for 3 minutes in which each competitor will try to take as many lethal hits as possible to the opponent to score.

The combat area will have a sidelength of 140cm, robots must be pilotable via remote. So, no programming skills needed. Good eye-hand coordination is an added value 😏

Check our rulesets: 📂Rules

Registration form


🇬🇧 I like to register for the first Luxembourg Yells - Robot Chaos event during Maker Faire Luxembourg 2024 May 18th & 19th.

Please tag your robots builds on social media with the tag #LuxembourgYellsRobotChaos

🇩🇪 Hiermit möchte ich mich für das erste Luxembourg Yells - Robot Chaos Event, dass während der Maker Faire Luxembourg am 18. & 19. Mai stattfindet.

Bitte markiert eure Roboter-Bauten in den sozialen Medien mit dem Tag #LuxembourgYellsRobotChaos

🇫🇷 J'aimerais m'inscrire au premier événement Luxembourg Yells - Robot Chaos pendant la Maker Faire Luxembourg 2024 les 18 et 19 mai.

Merci de taguer vos constructions de robots sur les médias sociaux avec le tag #LuxembourgYellsRobotChaos.

You can come with a maximum of 4 robots | Ihr könnt mit bis zu 4 Roboter kommen.
You can apply as a team or individual. | Ihr könnt als Team oder als Einzelperson antreten.
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