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FIRST Global Qualifying Challenge 2022

Welcome to the FIRST Global Challenge 2022. This competition will select a team of 5 youngsters plus 1 mentor who will run the FIRST Global Robotics Challenge (FGC) in 2022 representing Luxembourg. The selection process will be done individually, so each team member competing will have a chance in getting selected for Team Luxembourg.

The 2022 Luxembourg selection competition on LYRC will have the topic of particle collection and sorting (see below for more informations).

Registered teams

Registrations for 2022 season are closed.


The main target of the FIRST Global Challenge 2022 is to retrieve and sort polluted particles represented by coloured balls (6cm diameter) and bringing them towards their respective collection points. The playfield is divided by a river which can only be crossed by a bridge or by building a dam to stop the river from flowing (team effort).

The more the game progresses, the complexer it becomes by adding different tasks to the main goal.

Competition set

As the competition set was updated since 2020, here is a list of allowed items for the FIRST Global Qualifier robot:

Overview : Game
Overview : Awards

General Competition Rulebook

Rulebook FIRST Global

Competition field (example)

FIRST Global Challenge competition field (example)

Field dimensions : 2m x 3m

All measurements have been updated in the challenge papers!

Many Thanks to Cédric for the video of the competition field and rules!