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MakeX Robotics Competition Luxembourg

Welcome to Luxembourg’s first edition of the MakeX Robotics Competition. As an exclusive partner of MakeX, Make it is proud to bring you this competition to Luxembourg.

In our first year, we will host the MakeX Starter Challenge, which addresses itself to youngsters from 6 to 16 years of age. Teams of 1 to 2 youngsters can register themselves with their mentor to participate in the MakeX Robotics Competition. Out of all the participants, Make it will select 2 teams participating in an international MakeX Robotics Competition end of this year.

MakeX recap 2019

Unboxing the 2020 MakeX kit

Based on makeblock’s famous mBot, the competition evolves around a partly manual and automatic task. Teams will get a MakeX competition kit free of charge for the duration of the competition. This will allow them to participate in the MakeX challenge without any financial input.

Registered teams