Make it – Rewind 2022

Dear partners and friends of the maker community, dear makers,
It is with great pride, that we look back at a very busy and successful year 2022:
– The MakerBuzz continued to tour around Luxembourg, organising workshops and DIY activities, like in the frame of a new cooperation with the Ministry of equal chances and in the frame of Esch2022. From February till June, the MakerBuzz had its new offspring: the first edition of the Self eSTEAM Challenge. More than 3000 children and youngsters could be reached with this challenge. To give them a new insight on their learning capabilities. To boost their self esteam after a long period of Covid restrictions and uncertainties. The final gathering with many impressive builds took place in June in the frame of the Maker Faire. This project was mainly co-funded by the Oeuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte. In this context, we were able to recruit our first staff members: Steffi and Mona. After Steffi left Luxembourg for her hometown in Germany, we welcome Romain as new coordinator on the Self eSTEAM Challenge.
– In June, we invited to the 2nd edition of the Luxembourg Maker Faire. Among the growing number of exhibitors, we could welcome many local makers as well as makers from Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark. This edition also took longer (2 days) and was attended by around 2000 attendants.
– The Luxembourg Youth Robotics Challenge (LYRC) went bold, with not less than three levels of robotic challenges on display at this year’s Maker Faire. More than 30 youngsters demonstrated their skills in assembling and/or coding robots, from very simple solutions, up to already advanced models. At this national robotics championship Make it was able to select a team of 5 makers. They represented Luxembourg at the FIRST Global Robotics Championship organised this year in Geneva, where they reached the 67th place among 181 participants.
A short review about these main milestones can be found on our youtube channel:
These were just some of the highlights of this year. And 2023 shall not be too different…
So stay tuned on our website or on our social media Chanels for updates in regards to our projects. Because you will again be able to participate yourself or to support us, so that we can reach out to as many kids and youth as possible. Not to forget that we also remain available for any adult trainings or projects…
We are looking forward to hearing and seeing about your maker projects 🙂
Best wishes,
Joao, Christian, Marc and Eric
make it board