Robot invasion in Rosport: get your free entrance tickets today!

Today, a colossal red robot touched down in front of the entrance to the renowned “Musée Tudor” in Rosport.

While many are drawn to Luxembourg and Nospelt for the “Emaischen” festivities, this surprising spectacle isn’t tied to Easter Monday. The robot serves as an “early bird” invitation for you to head to Rosport today and secure your free entry to the “Maker Faire Luxembourg”. Indeed, a detour to Rosport promises an equally exciting experience.

The Maker Faire stands as the largest gathering of Makers in Luxembourg and the Greater Region. This year, over 4000 makers are anticipated to participate.


Did our social media post lure you to our website? Thrilled by our announcement? If you’re en route to Rosport, take a moment to glance at your calendar. That’s right—it’s April 1st. And while our attention-grabbing news brought you here, please note that there are number of true facts behind our April fool’s joke, so it is worth reading on:

  • The Maker Faire in Rosport isn’t happening today but will take place over two days, on May 18th and 19th, 2024.
  • There’s no need to rush for free tickets; the Maker Faire Luxembourg operates on a free entrance basis and will continue to do so.
  • And yes, the striking red robot from make: will indeed make its landing in Rosport this year. However, it’s currently touring other Maker Faires across Europe. While it will be a first for Luxembourg, you will have to wait till May to see the busy red robot in Rosport.

Celebrating 6 Years of make it asbl

Little did you know, make it is celebrating its 6th birthday today. Following initial discussions in February and March, the statutes of make it were finalized, and the association’s founders held the founding general assembly on April 1st, 2018. Since then, make it has been successfully brought the Maker Faires to Luxembourg, has been expanding a series of activities in robotics (under the LYRC umbrella), and has been driving the first mobile makerspace in Luxembourg and its surrounding regions—the MakerBuzz. The MakerBuzz’s flagship project, the Self eSTEAM Challenge, is now entering its third year, with the distribution of this year’s kits currently underway.

You can, of course, support our association by making a donation or becoming a sponsor, thereby aiding us in nurturing the next generation of makers. Find our bank details for a donation in the footer of our homepage or send us an e-mail to become a sponsor.

p.s.: The Tudor museum in Rosport is closed today. But of course you may discover this unique museum already before the Maker Faire weekend. Check out their opening times on their website.