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Self eSTEAM Challenge

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Edition 2024

Ready for the new challenge? Here you find out how to get your kit and what the challenge is this time:
Bist du bereit für die neue Challenge? Hier geht es zu den Details der Challenge:

Former editions

Edition 2023

The second edition of the Self eSTEAM challenge was on from April until June 2023. Click the links below for more information

Die 2. Ausgabe der Self eSTEAM Challenge fannt statt von April bis Juni 2023. Die Links führen zu den weiteren Informationen:

Edition 2022

The first edition of the Self eSTEAM challenge took place from February 2022 till June 2022. With more than 1600 kits distributed and the award ceremony embedded in the Maker Faire 2022, this first edition was a full success at once!

  • Die Gewinner
  • Das Grosse Finale 2022