LYRC 2020

Luxembourg Youth Robotics Challenge 2020

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, the 2020 edition of LYRC has been postponed until later this year.

Registered teams should continue working on their robots if possible, and will have enough time to resume the competition later this year. Mentors will receive direct information from us via email. More information on the COVID-19 crisis here.

Last year, over 50 competitors took the challenge and participated in the first edition of the Luxembourg Youth Robotics Challenge. The resulting team Luxembourg participated in the FIRST Global Robotics Challenge in Dubai from October 24 to 27, 2019.

This year, we want to make the LYRC even bigger! As a premiere, we will feature three competitions :

(1) Make it Concept Trophy

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Take your team and design a robotic system solving the question posed. No need to bring a functional robot, just develop a concept using cardboard models, drawings, posters or whatever means you want to use. Exhibit your idea and present it to a jury for awards! Read our description here!

Ages 6 years up.

(2) MakeX Robotics Competition Luxembourg

The MakeX Starter Challenge enables your team to run through a parcours fulfilling certain tasks. The skills required for this competition are average, no need to be an expert to participate in this competition.

Amongst all participants, we will select two teams which will qualify to travel to an international championships of MakeX Robotics Competition end of 2020 [date and location tbd].

Check our description here!

Ages 6 to 16 years.

For the FIRST Global challenge, teams need to fulfill tasks similar to a FIRST Global international competition. Teams can have 3 to 6 members aged from 14 years to 18 years. Competition details available here.

Amongst all participants, we will select one team which will travel to the international championships of  FIRST Global in 2020.

Ages 14 to 18 years.

In order to participate in any of these competitions, teams do not need any special skills or knowledge. The challenges are open to anyone with a practical talent of DIY and design thinking.

Register your team!

Thank you for your interest in registering a team for the LYRC competition. The following categories are available :

  • Make it Concept Trophy (6 years up) : Show off your robotics idea around a certain topic (to be defined). No functioning robot is required,  concept is sufficient (cardboard, drawings, post-it notes, etc),
  • MakeX qualification (6-16 years) : Enter the national MakeX Robotics Competition Luxembourg,
  • FIRST Global qualification (14-18 years): Enter the qualifying competition for the FIRST Global Robotics Challenge.
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