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Self eSTEAM Challenge '23

What is the challenge about?

You are between 6 and 24 years old? You like to tinker and be creative? Then this is the right challenge for you. The goal is to build a marble run where a “water drop” is passed from one island to another.

All you need if you want to participate is curiosity and interest. No previous technical knowledge is necessary.

Everybody is welcomed to participate! You can participate alone or with your friends or your family. This can also be a great project if you work in the (non-)formal education! We offer also workshops and help for schools, maison relais or youth houses etc.

How to build the marble run is explained in tutorials which you find below. The grand finale is taking place on June 17, 2023 in Esch/Alzette. Until then, you can tinker, test and optimize as much as you like. There are no limits to creativity!

How can you participate?

1. Get your free Self eSTEAM kit

All you need to build your marble run is our self eSTEAM kit. Additionally you need a small flat screwdiver, scisors and some glue.

Solving the challenge alone is possible. We recommend that you work on your robot in small groups (2-4 people).

You can pick up at our Makerspace at the CNFPC Esch/Alzette. You can find more updates on when and how you can pick up a kit at our news article.

You can pick up your kit at your best convenience, without prior ordering. Alternativelly, you can pre-book a kit via the following contact form.

2. Start building the marble run

The kits contain all necessary components. So you can start building on your own. If you want some support, we prepared two tutorials for you and you can always come and visit us. And remember after building the marble run itself, you are invited to decorate and pimp your construction. Depending on your ideas, you can use as many additional material as you deem necessary.

3. You need some help? We’re there for you!

Download our workbook with understandable work steps and many exciting research questions and exercises which will support you in the building process and encourage you to find the solution yourself.

Watch also the video tutorial on how to build the marble run. You can choose English for subtitles.

You can visit us at our Robotics Makerspace in Esch/Alzette (22, Rue Henri Koch). We are open every Thursday from 13:00 until 17:00. Additional days and opening times are published here.

We will be there to answer your questions. And to help out if you lost an important component.

Before your visit, please send us a short message to tell us that you are coming.

Phone/WhatsApp: +352 661 822 800

We are also travelling with our MakerBuzz to different locations all over Luxembourg. Soon we will publish the dates and locations of our tour with the MakerBuzz.

Especially for (non-)formal education institutions we offer workshops for the children or the educators. Please fill out this form so that we can send you more information.

4. Show us your marble run!

When you finished building and tinkering, please send us a photo of your marble run to

The best built for the competition and you have chances to win a prize.

5. The Grand Finale

All participants to the Self eSTEAM Challenge ’23 are warmly invited to show their marble run in action at the Grand Finale that will take place on June 17 2023 in Esch/Alzette.

All marble runs will be lined up to form a gigantic parcours. Moreover, all winners of the competition will be announced and maybe you too can pick up one of the trophies.

The following categories are announced:

  • the marble run with the most creative look
  • the most sustainable marble run (new)
  • the marble run with the most surprising mechanical functionality
  • the technically most sophisticated marble run
  • the marble run with the coolest code
  • the tallest marble run
  • the slowest marble run
  • the fasted marble run
  • the marble run with the coolest 3D-printed elements
  • the most minimalistic marble run
  • the most colorful marble run
The categories are explained in more details in the FAQ.

Enjoy tinkering and researching! We wish you a lot of fun and creative ideas!

The detailed programme for the visitors of the Grand Finale is published HERE.

Participants of the Challenge can find detailed information about the programme and how to prepare best for the Finale here:

For further questions, you can always contact us via or via phone/WhatsApp: +352 661 822 801