Self eSTEAM Challenge ’23 – FAQ

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Thanks to the feedback we got, we developed a FAQ list for you. If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by mail:

  • You have to use the base plate (31x31cm). You shall not build larger than these dimensions. Don’t exceed its borders.

  • You have to position the start and the end baskets, on the left and on the right border of the base plate respectivally, with the help of the pre-cut wood and as explained in the tutorials (PDF/video). The height of the Start and End plates must be respected.

  • There is no actual limitation in heigth for the marble run… just know that you still need to be able to carry your project to the Grand Finale in Esch/Alzette. We recommend a maximum height of 3 meters.

  • You have to position the start and the end baskets, on the left and on the right border of the base plate respectivally, with the help of the pre-cut wood and as explained in the tutorials (PDF/video). The height of the Start and End plates must be respected.
  • The marble should run autonomously, without human help. You can use any technique/technology to have the marble reach from the start to the end basket.

  • The marble should run autonomously, without human help (for example: winders)You are not obliged to use all parts that were part of the Self eSTEAM kit. You can use these for other projects of yours 🙂

  • You can use as much additional material as you like. Don’t use elements involving gas or chemicals.

  • We recommend that the children work in small groups. 2 to 4 children have proven to be a good number. This way the children can help each other fixing the cables and develop an even more creative idea together.

  • If you order for your own children, encourage your children to work together or consider the option that your children work together with their friends. Especially if your kids have different ages, each of them can collaborate with peer friends.

  • With the material that you find in the Self eSTEAM kit, you shall be able to build something impressive already.

  • But you can use any material of your own, we encourage using material that you might have in your stock: old toys/bricks, wood or metal that you can get for free or low budget,…

  • Your creativity is your limit!

  • Can happen… should not block you. Can you replace it yourself with another piece you find at home, or at a store nearby?
  • If not, do not hesitate to contact us. We will invite you to pass by the Makerspace in Esch/Alzette or we find another solution…

  • Even if we have already numerous reports from kids who managed successfully to build their marble run, yes, some kids might not succeed at once.

  • Still, we encourage you, as a parent, not to start “taking over” the craftsmanship. Most of the times, it is important to give your kid time and space to really let them try on their own. If you feel the need to assist, try to limit yourself to occasional encouragement. If it does not work immediately, try to see what they DID manage already and congratulate them for the steps that they have mastered.

  • If you really need to assist and you are lost yourself, no worries. Come to see us. With your kid(s) and their kit. For a quick boost.

  • Don’t blame your kid, don’t blame yourself. Give it a few days. No stress, give it another try later.

  • And if at the end you don’t see it happening: Please don’t toss the hardware! Maybe there is another kid that you know that would like to pick up the challenge. Or bring the kit back to us so that we can give it a second life even if by now a few things might be missing.

  • Please send us a separate email indicating where you are located and how many kits you ordered. We try to find an individual solution for you, to either bring the marble run kits to you directly to you or to plan our MakerBuzz tour accordingly.

  • Of course you are also still welcome to pick the kits up yourself in Esch/Alzette 🙂

  • No problem, you can always contact us via email or phone between 14-17 h. Moreover, you can come to the Makerspace in Esch/Alzette or you drop by at one of the stops of the MakerBuzz, where we will try to help you as well.

  • Do not forget that we released a PDF and a video tutorial:

  • Both tutorials contain complementory hints and suggestions to advance. It should be possible to build the marble run just by following these tutorials.

  • Yes, you can. However, keep in mind that the marble should roll autonomously (without remote control).

  • Great job! Celebrate it! Show your family and friends… and if you worked in a group, assemble them in a row and enjoy it performing 🙂

  • You can keep the marble run, Store or display it on a safe place.

  • Bring your marble run to the Grand Finale that will take place at CNFPC Esch/Alzette, on 17th June 2023. All participants have a chance to win in one of the categories.

  • If you can’t make it to the fair, we would be delighted to see your marbe run in action! You can send us your photos or videos at All participants that send us documentation will get a certificate.

The final of the Self eSTEAM Challenge will take place on the 17h of June 2023 at the CNFPC in Esch/Alzette. There will be a marble run chain, in which your marble run can help transport the “water” marble as part of a long chain. Until the very last minute, you can build and pimp your marble run.