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Season 2023

Welcome to the 2023 edition of the LYRC competition. Make it, together with SCRIPT from MENJE, is organising a youth tournament in robotics, based upon the robots already present in schools and also the best pedagogical kits available on the market.

As such, we are proud to announce that starting this season, LYRC will feature a VEX Robotics V5 competition, targeted to the 14 to 18 year old students.

If you want to participate, register your team for the right category here below and we will get in touch as soon as possible. There are no prerequisites to fill, all you need to bring is interest in technology. Costs for participation are also free, so no charges will be applied to your team. And now, get ready and read about our challenges!

4 categories:

• Make it Concept Challenge

Cycle 3.1

Do you like robots? Are you interested in showing off your design skills? Then the Make it Concept Trophy is the challenge for you!

With your team (up to 10 persons), present your solution to a central question given by our jury. You can present your ideas using cardboard models, posters, drawings, sticky notes or slideshows. Anything is allowed in this category. Even if you don’t show off a working robot, your contribution is wanted!

• RobIntro Challenge

Cycle 3.2

Technical challenge based upon the ozoBot, the main task will be based upon finding an optimum algorithm to solve a certain challenge. All your team needs to to is coding the right colors in the ozoBot to make it fulfill the given task.

With your team (up to 10 persons), present your robot to solve multiple challenges.

• RobAdvanced Challenge


Technical challenge based the Dash, the main tasks will be based upon a main question taking place on a playfield of a specific size.

With your team (up to 10 persons), present your robot to solve the challenges.

• VEX Challenge

Ages 14 to 18

The VEX Robotics challenge is the newest category in our LYRC tournament. This challenge will feature a new kit from VEX robotics and has interesting challenges 

With your team (up to 6 persons), present your robot to solve the VEX challenges.

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