Congratulations to all the achievers of the Self eSTEAM Challenge!

In February 2022, the Self eSTEAM Challenge of make it asbl started with great success. The aim of the competition was to build an autonomous robot that can avoid obstacles thanks to its sensors. Since then, numerous robot kits have been distributed to around 3000 interested children and young people. Among them were almost equally motivated families as well as dedicated teachers and educators in educational institutions.

After five months, the grand finale of the Self eSTEAM Challenge was held at Maker Faire Luxembourg. At the event in Rosport, the participants were able to present their robots to the other approximately 1800 visitors and gather new inspiration for their next work projects at the numerous Maker Faire booths. The highlight was the award ceremony, which the children eagerly awaited.

Before the Maker Faire the hard-working tinkerer sent in photos of their finished robots. The photos submitted were then presented to a jury, which selected the winners in the 14 categories. These categories include not only technical skill in 3D printing or coding, but also evaluated the creativity of the children and young people. The jury members who had previously supported the Self eSTEAM Challenge, consisting of the Ministère de l’Égalité entre les femmes et les hommes, André Losch Fondation, Fonds National de la Recherche,, CodeClub Luxembourg, Kiwimedia, as well as representatives of the municipality of Rosport and the Musée Henri Tudor, presented the prizes to the proud winners.